Finding Peace

I was just reading a post at one of my favorite blogs, zenhabits, about finding peace. The author talks about digging deeper to find out why we are stuck in habits that don't serve us. She says to "Find the most loving place inside you – the soft spot that melts when you encounter puppies, babies, or those most dear to you. Pour this love into the tension and painful feelings. This is the healing balm that untangles the knot."

Meditation is a good place to practice this. It gives us the chance everyday to stop and look at what is holding us back from being present and open. In meditation, we can see what is coming up and the reaction these thoughts cause. As Pema Chodron recommends, first, recognize the thought as thinking and let it go. What you are left with is the energy and the emotion of what you are feeling which you can sit with and explore without the thinking and judgement. It's a powerful exercise, one that can teach how to find and feel emotions.

  ~ Jillian Avey, 

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