Meditation Myth #3 – You Just Sit There With a Clear Mind

Many people that I talk to say they can't meditate because they can't clear their mind. They say that their minds keep going from thought to thought when they try to sit still. The biggest myth about mediation is that to be good at meditation, thinking will stop. The truth is that no matter who you talk to, everyone has thoughts, all the time. Meditation helps to tame the mind but it doesn't stop thoughts from coming up. Ask a teacher who has been meditating for 30 years what their biggest challenge is in meditating and you will get the same answer: distraction. The reason meditation is so valuable is that it teaches us to bring the mind back to focus. It also teaches us that the mind and thought are not the only way to experience the world. We learn to use the other senses and give the mind a break.

  ~ Jillian Avey, 

2 thoughts on “Meditation Myth #3 – You Just Sit There With a Clear Mind”

  1. Hmmm, so then what do you do with thoughts? Are you supposed to focus on breathing and when your mind wanders go back to thinking “in….out…”?

  2. Great question Elaine!
    In a breathing meditation, you would just return to your breathing. You can count your breaths if it helps. The counting isn’t considered thinking. Thinking is only when you go off on a tangent and have to catch yourself to come back to the moment.

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