Meditation Myth #4 – You Have to Be Able to Sit Still

Meditation is a great place to learn how to manage discomfort and pain. By sitting through discomfort, we find a way to separate the feeling from the emotion that surrounds the physical signal. It can create quite a sense of accomplishment to watch that itch come and finally go away without responding. When your feet fall asleep, it is another opportunity to learn how to deal with pain without the risk of hurting anything since the cause is a pinched nerve, not reduced blood circulation. All that said, the goal of meditation is not to punish ourselves or be cruel. We can wait a moment, try to separate the pain from the emotion, feel the pain as a physical signal and sit with it for a while. Then, we can adjust our position to relieve the discomfort. If the feet fall asleep, you can stand, stretch your legs or sit with your knees bent in front of you. It's ok to move, just do it mindfully. And then, settle back in to your breath.

  ~ Jillian Avey, 

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