Maintain Your Meditation Practice While You Travel

It can be challenging for many people to get a meditation routine set in place and to adhere to it. When unexpected events arise or the routine gets interrupted, it can be that much more challenging to stick with the program. One thing is for sure though, the stronger your meditation regimen is at home, the easier it will be to translate it to other places and situations.


Whether you travel for work, family, or fun, see if there is a meditation group you can join in the town you'll be visiting. Search for listings of local yoga studios, metaphysical bookstores, hospitals, and churches on Having a group to join increases the likelihood of continuing to meditate while you're away. The group members can serve as motivation and support, bringing out the discipline you require. It can, of course, also be a wonderful way to meet new people and connect with them in a unique way.

If the place you're traveling to is by a river, ocean, forest, or other natural feature that you are not used to, take advantage and do a beachfront, lakeside, or deep forest meditation while you are there. Not only will it help you broaden your meditation skills and experience, it can give you a wonderful and special connection to the place you're visiting that post cards and souvenirs will never match! In fact, you could think of each trip you take not as a kink in your meditation regimen but as a chance to meditate all over the world—one city at a time.

In general, use the same principles you relied on to create your meditation routine for keeping it in effect while traveling. Agree to meditate in a specific place, free from distraction, calm, and quiet. Pick a set time each day; preferably upon waking or as you fall asleep. Using the same soothing music each time can help trigger your brain that it's meditation time, regardless of where you are. When you are feeling a bit distracted, have some guided meditation CDs on hand to help you get into that deep, still place within.

Meditating while traveling can be challenging, but like sticking to your diet or budget while away, it is easily managed with some planning and dedication.

~ Jillian Avey,