How Meditation Can Improve Your Relationships

Have you ever said something to your partner that you regret? Have you ever reacted to something your child said with anger that was really small and trivial? Have you ever wanted to be more patient in dealing with a behavior or situation with your partner? There are truly myriad reasons how meditation can help you improve your personal relationships.

RelationshipsMeditation brings a sense of calmness, peace, and tranquility. Think for a moment on how those gifts would benefit your relationships. It will help you to react in appropriate ways, rather than over-reacting. This means you can reduce or eliminate saying those things you regret. Calmness can mean there is less of a desire to nag and be consumed with unimportant “stuff.” These benefits can also provide a deeper tolerance and acceptance of one another. With that may mean more desire to sexually please the other or put more emphasis on foreplay. Perhaps greater tranquility will prompt you into being a better, more patient listener. As I said, the countless benefits abound!

Additionally, it is so often that the on-going dialogue in the mind spins out of control…Where is he? Why didn't she call me back? Is he wearing that because she's going to be there? Maybe I should glance at his cell phone and see what he's been doing? Meditation helps to turn down the volume on the often irrational voice in the head. Have you ever tried telling yourself, “My new rule is that I'm not going to react with anger next time I don't like my partner's driving”? Without a doubt, you're reacting angrily next time you're riding with your partner. The only way to improve this behavior is to be more calm, and you simply can not tell yourself to be more calm—that is something you have to do. If you're feeling like sometimes your relationship brings out a bad side of you rarely seen elsewhere, which sadly is not uncommon, meditation is definitely worth a try!

There are also a number of guided meditation CDs that focus specifically on having better, more loving relationships. These CDs will walk you through a meditation in which you might focus on a relationship-centered mantra, use visual imagery of loving and supporting your partner in a more healthy way, put yourself inside your partner's body and experience what it feels like to see things from his or her point of view (including how he or she sees you), and work to heal and forgive any past problems. The guided meditation CDs are really effective, soothing, and effective. Try doing one of these relationship-centered meditations with your partner—what a great way to strengthen your relationship.

You'll find that meditation is full of benefits for every aspect of your life—relationships just being one of many. 

~ Jillian Avey,