Meditation Techniques for Stress Relief

Meditation is a great tool for stress relief. There are as many different ways to meditate as there are people meditating it seems. Which techniques are most effective for stress management? It would be easy to say that any meditation technique is appropriate to reduce stress; however, some techniques are more geared towards stress relief than others. People meditate for many different reasons. Some meditate in order to boost a certain personality trait they wish to strengthen, some desire to heal physical ailments, some seek athletic or financial success, some are reaching for a deeper spiritual connection. Each different motivation can be best served through the technique most conducive to that goal.

This is the first of a series of stress relief techniques through meditation. Please come back – or better yet subscribe – to learn more through the weeks.

Beach Stress Relief Technique #1 – Imagery

Imagery meditations involve using strong, specific images in your mind to help you tap into your relaxation. You might see yourself walking through a beautiful garden oasis. You might see yourself walking along a deserted beach at sunset. You might see yourself sitting on top of a mountain. Imagery meditations are particularly effective for stress relief because you don't have to have much of a meditation strategy or agenda. Often people get stressed out just thinking about having to do a meditation. They feel anxiety about how they are going to sit still for 20 whole minutes or how they are ever going to get their racing minds to be still. With imagery meditations, you give your mind something to do (creating and seeing the images), so it can be “less work” if that's how you choose to see it. The soothing, peaceful images also help create a relaxed, serene feeling.

 ~ Jillian Avey,