What is Walking Meditation?

I was reading a book about adult ADHD yesterday and it said that meditation is helpful for people with the condition because it helps them to train their mind. The book mentioned that walking meditation, yoga or tai chi might be easier because the movement helps a person keep their attention longer. It said that walking meditation in nature can be particularly useful.

This sparked a discussion with my husband who had coincidentally been trying to do a walking meditation earlier that evening. He felt like it had been a failure because he hadn't been able to get to his zone that he reaches in sitting meditation. He said that he was too focused on his steps and how the ground felt under his feet to clear his mind. Actually, that is what walking meditation is about; he was doing it without knowing. The same exercises in concentration and returning the mind to one topic apply while walking. Outdoors all the senses can be used to smell the trees, see beautiful colors or hear each one of the birds sign in their chorus. 

 ~ Jillian Avey, purelifemeditation.com

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