When Meditating, Eyes Open or Closed?

People often ask if you should have your eyes open or closed when meditating. Either way is fine.

Different teachers will prefer one or the other. For example, the Shambhala tradition teaches eyes open because meditation for them is about becoming fully awake. They teach that you should keep your eyes open so that it will be easier to bring the meditation experience to your everyday life. If you can become relaxed and present while meditating with your eyes open, it becomes easier to tap into that feeling when you are our in everyday life. If falling asleep is a trouble spot, then keeping the eyes open can help.

However, many practicioners teachers use the eyes-closed method. Having your eyes closed is a totally different experience. It is more introspective and relaxing. With the eyes closed, some people find it easier to get deeper into the experience since there are fewer distractions.

Personally, I meditate with my eyes open because I bought into the idea that it would be easier to translate to everyday life. However, on those days when it’s really tough to focus, I close them.

~ Jillian Avey, purelifemeditation.com


A Case For Eyes Closed

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